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I've always drawn and painted things that catch my interest, but for many years I worked in an office in the City of London.  Since 2005, I have concentrated on artwork, although just recently I have developed a passion for furniture and wood projects, which you will see here as I develop.  

I've had paintings exhibited in a number of shows in London and the South East.

I paint in acrylics on canvas or board and increasingly on an Ipad, producing digital art, which aids the deconstructed images I like to produce.  My aim is to simplify images, to clear out the unnecessary and to leave the core of the image.  With wood, it's just hand tools and the joy of discovering the shapes in the wood.  

Some of my paintings are available as prints from the Saatchi Online website - - but if you want to buy originals, or to buy limited edition giclée prints of the digital works, just drop me a line at

I am always looking for inspiration, so if you work in a dance company, and want to see how you look on canvas, give me a shout.